About Me

Tamsin-Jane has in excess of 12 years’ experience working with dogs and specifically spitz breeds such as the Akita. Her special interest is the rehabilitation of rescue dogs due to her previous experience in this field.

Tamsin-Jane holds a BA (Hons) Professional Practice In Canine Behaviour & Psychology with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training and Middlesex University. Her Final Dissertation was based on socialisation and habituation in puppies focussing on behavioural issues that were seen in canines that were socialised outside of the window of 14 weeks. This was firmly based on research taken from years of working as a Dog Behaviourist. Having completed modules such as Understanding Care & Behaviour, Advanced Common Canine Behaviour Problems, Understanding Dog Aggression, Advanced Dog on Dog Aggression, Professional Instructor Skills & Management, Advanced Canine Law. Tamsin-Jane holds in depth knowledge of the Dangerous Dogs Act and its implications. Has a Certificate in Canine First Aid and knowledge of Tellington Touch as well as being a member of Canine Health Concern, Member of Canine & Feline Behaviour Association http://www.cfba.co.uk

Tamsin-Jane currently own’s a Newfoundland called Norman and a French Bulldog called Beauvais both of which are used as part of the Do Behave rehabilitation team.  Her approach to advising on behaviour problems is by using dog psychology coupled with human psychology to obtain the best results for both dog and owner. Tamsin-Jane use’s positive training approaches coupled with focusing on breed typical traits to assist in the management of problems.

Tamsin-Jane also instructs Puppy/Junior/Advanced Classes at her centre in Over, Cambridgeshire, with class sizes ranging from 4 to 14 dogs.  From here the Cambridge Canine Behaviour Group and Do-Behave was established to marry the skills of instructing and behavioural work to assist in the rehabilitation of behaviour problems in all breeds.