· · Option 1 – Home Visit · ·

You may have witnessed aggression whether that is against people or other dogs. You may have a dog that you believe is being dominant in the home and has re directed aggression towards you. It’s not nice knowing that your loved pet has become aggressive we can help you to resolve these problems.

All consultations are involved and highly interactive. They take place in your home to ensure any techniques that we may suggest work within the environment you are in. I will ensure all new training techniques are achievable in your daily routine. We use our instructing skills alongside behavioural and human psychology to get the best out of you and your dog. On the day you will be given a verbal explanation followed by a physical demonstration. We will then guide you through performing the necessary changes and make sure you are comfortable with the techniques shown.
Due to the depth and detail within these consultations you will need to allow a period of 1 and half hours for this session.

What to Expect
You will be required to fill out a questionnaire before our visit this will capture the main problem behaviour presented.
I will then provide you with some pre work to be put in place before the visit occurs
Depending on the issue you are encountering we will bring various tools to assist in relation to the main problem behaviour presented this can be from stooge dogs that may be required for rehabilitation.
We will work through some techniques to resolve the behaviour and decide on the best options for you within your environment

I final assessment will then be provided to detail the Behaviour Problem presented on the day and recommendations for rehabilitation.
Most importantly you keep in touch with us so we can see how you are progressing. Costings are done on a case by case basis depending on the issue that you are witnessing and the tools that may have to be used on the day.


· · Option 2 – Phone & Online Behaviour Advice/Support · · 

This service has been set up to assist owners that are further afield in resolving some of the behaviour issues that they are seeing. Whilst this option should never be seen as a replacement for the full, home visit assessment, it does allow clients to discuss their problem directly with an expert and get some feedback on the situation and general advice on how to manage it at a more affordable price.

The format for the consultation will be as follows:
One off set fee £50.00 – this will involve approximately 2-3 hours of my time
One hour telephone conversation at a convenient time to discuss the problems in depth and information on why the problems are occurring and how to rectify them. You will be given an appointment time and I will contact you directly to discuss.

Continued follow up: Detailed information will be sent via email support taking on the form of attached information documents and also bullet point/ clear instructions on how to begin improving on your relationship with your pet.
After payment you will be sent an assessment form to complete which will include details regarding how to book the telephone consultation.

Please note:
I am highly reliant on the information that is provided over the phone so will prompt for as much detail as possible.
While every care and attention will be given to each case individually you may be advised to seek further help in the form of a home visit by an associated professional if the problem is deemed severe or potentially dangerous after the telephone consultation and initial advice. Tamsin-Jane will assist in providing a suitable professional that can assist in this closer to your location.