Testimonials are provided to the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association from all clients that I work with.  This is done to ensure a consistent level of service and to ensure that we work alongside CFBA Code of Practice.


Monty Cockapoo

“Thank you Tamsin Jane for coming and spending time with my 5 months cockapoo and me. Your vast knowledge and experience of dogs is very evident and your patience with me (a novice dog owner) was great. We are following your advice and invaluable tips and are making progress already.”


Roxy Red Labrador dog on dog fear aggression

“Thank you.

I have so much more confidence in Roxy now!
We are already seeing a change in Roxy by following the house rules its brilliant!” 


Bad Border Terriers

“We are so happy to have had home sessions with TJ, she showed us so many achievable goals and indeed retrained us all. both our dogs are now starting to be a joy to walk and live with. being ‘off the scale’ border terriers, with end of tether neighbours no mean task! She is fun to work with! wish we had done it sooner!

Darren and Vicky.”


Bear German Shepherd Dog

Due to the rehabilitation and work done with Bear he has now become a relaxed dog who is a joy to be around.  Bear would not come out of my car which has now been resolved by using a ramp to help him up and down.  Hes more settled and relaxed around dogs and his recall is brilliant.


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